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How it works



SmartSite module

  • Immediate feedback when environmental factors (noise, UV, particles) exceed safe working levels, allowing action to be taken
  • Allows on-site health and safety managers to focus on safety 
  • Remote alert activation in exceptional circumstances

Robust cloud database

  • Automatic, ongoing logging of worker exposure enables continuous improvement of processes to take place for worker health 
  • Transparent links between individual worker, to time on company site, to exposure levels – allowing negligence suits to be rapidly evaluated
  • Ensure compliance with occupational health record maintenance requirements

 Accessible dashboards and fast report generation


  • Immediate, ongoing report generation, allows H&S staff at each level of the organisation to get the insights they need to ensure worker health very quickly
  • Visualisation of complex data sets for bespoke analysis – e.g. Average and peak noise levels during pile driving in Acton at a specific site
  • Predictive analytics – i.e. time to worker shift exposure limit exceeded


Designed for rapid setup–SmartSite requires no training to use. The module is placed next to the workzone, turned on, and is immediately operational